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Philosophical Ground of Fluid Strength

Yoga Philosophy

tree with rootsFluid Strength is rooted in the eight limbs of yoga* as described in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. They provide clear and wise guidance for living a fulfilled life.

The eight limbs are usually thought of sequentially and practiced individually. In Fluid Strength they are woven into a synergistic whole which brings a concentrated potency to the practice.

Feldenkrais Neuromotor Learning Principles

The Feldenkrais Method couples movement with self-awareness to help people gain more access to their potential. Refining self-awareness is an essential component of neuromotor learning and as such is a natural companion of traditional yoga.

Ayurvedic Healing Principles

Yoga and Ayurveda are rooted in the same philosophy, making them mutually supportive of each other’s goals. Embedded in Fluid Strength are a number of Ayurvedic healing principles that impart their rejuvenating power to the practice.

“Yogic philosophy is interwoven into the class in a way that only a sage teacher can do.”     Ann  (Massage and Shiatsu Practitioner)

“I came to Fluid Strength looking for a low stress, low impact way to exercise without hurting myself.  The practice is both easy on my touchy system and pleasurable to do.  I have gained strength, and mobility.  My posture has been transformed, and I feel more resilient.”     Claudia  (artist)