Faye's Feldenkrais Testimonials

Jump in motion by J. van Wunnik

“I am amazed how quickly my pain went away after having tried other things for so long without success” -Linda (dancer)

“Four years ago I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in L4 and 5. It was difficult to walk and the orthopedic doctor told me it would just get worse unless I had surgery. After doing Feldenkrais with Faye I now take long walks and live a normal, active life”     Alis  (Retired teacher and artist)

“Working with Faye has been great! I experienced pain and discomfort for over 20 years while trying surgery, physical therapy, injection therapy and many other methods to try to 'get my body back'. I wanted to be able to use my body like I had when I was a young athlete - before broken bones, sprains, strains and other stresses changed things. At the least, I wanted to be able to walk for pleasure again. After working with Faye just a short time, I began feeling better. It didn't make sense to me since I was used to using big muscles, big effort, big everything...and Faye's work concentrated on making me aware of very small things - of bringing awareness to parts of my body I hadn't ever thought about. Faye has been very patient with me as I've incorporated the work into my very analytical way of thinking about things. She suggested some books to read by Feldenkrais to help me understand the basis of the work. Somewhere along the way, I've mostly quit trying to figure every-thing out and instead concentrate on trusting that the results will be good - because they have been.”     Nancy (data analyst and former basketball player)