Faye's Fluid Strength Story


The Problem

Somewhere in my journeys I picked up a invasive and difficult-to-diagnose parasite. Multiple rounds of parasite tests over a five year period in four different countries all came back negative. My health, however, continued to deteriorate.

In the beginning of my eighth year of declining health a naturopath looked at my skin and knew I had a parasite. Through a test from a specialty lab I was diagnosed with a parasite. Two hours after taking the parasite medication the daily nausea I had lived with for more than seven years was gone. It was a miracle.

My body, however, was extremely depleted. Despite two years of my best efforts using the yoga practice I had taught for more than two decades, I could not regain my strength and energy.

The Solution

Rasayana is a branch of Ayurvedic medicine devoted to rejuvenation. Practices, procedures and substances are combined for the purpose of creating longevity and bringing diseased or aging bodies back to health. The notion of rasayana inspired me to develop a practice to rebuild my health.

My experience with yoga, Ayurveda and The Feldenkrais Method gave me a rich understanding of health, learning and the human body. I began combining the most rejuvenating practices and principles I knew. The result was the Fluid Strength Yoga Practice.