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The Fluid Strength Yoga Practice

Rejuvenation and Transformation

starfishFluid Strength™ is a holistic yoga practice that focuses on rejuvenation and transformation.  It develops whole-body strength, awakens the spine, increases energy and refines self-awareness.  The practice activates spontaneous meditation and frequently stimulates a seemingly miraculous release of pain.

Rhythmic movement patterns rather than traditional asana are used to cultivate the body.   These movements are based on neuromotor principles of functional strength.  Their potency is magnified by being infused with vigorous breathing and Ayurvedic healing principles.

Traditional and Modern

Fluid Strength uses a traditional yoga practice model of resting (savasana) after each movement.  This traditional model is echoed in the modern exercise notion of interval training.  The resting phase in Fluid Strength is used to cultivate deep systemic quiet and a meditative mind.

Accessible and Challenging

The Fluid Strength Practice is simultaneously accessible and challenging to all levels of students. Beginning students benefit from the simplicity of the movement patterns. Highly trained people discover more refined levels of body intelligence and fresh movement potential.  Most of the movements are done lying down or sitting and can be easily adapted to individual needs.

“I feel immensely fortunate that Faye is here and offering this astonishing work.”     Jean  (yoga teacher)

“Fluid Strength has given me a new relationship with my body & soul in a less work, more play and lightness manner.  I feel less segmented and more connected to my core self.”     Susan  (teacher and student of life)