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Is Fluid Strength for You?

Fluid Strength is for you if you want to:

  • Learn a holistic yoga practice
  • Develop physical strength and vitality
  • Awaken a meditative mind
  • Cultivate physical integration and functional strength
  • Strengthen your whole self – not just your body
  • Nurture your health on many levels
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Challenge yourself to use more of your potential
  • Learn a yogic perspective of life
  • Engage prana (life energy)

 “Fluid Strength has been life-changing, life-supportive & life-freeing for me.”     Karen  (Retired Human Resources Manager)

“I often find myself using bits of what I've learned here and there in my daily life, for more ease in walking, sitting, gardening etc: These unique and creative practices are a great gift in how they allow me access to relieve physical tensions that have been difficult to get at in other ways.”     Gayle  (Bodyworker and Yoga Teacher)