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The Fluid Strength Goals

Physical Goals of Fluid Strengthardhanarishwara

  • Increasing the strength, mobility and elasticity of the spine
  • Developing a well aligned, strong and responsive body
  • Awakening energy and vitality
  • Accessing profound states of rest and inner quiet
  • Cultivating whole-body, whole-person integration
  • Reducing effort and increasing efficiency

Awareness Goals of Fluid Strength

  • Meeting challenges with greater ease
  • Developing confidence in listening to one’s body and inner self
  • Approaching limitations with self-acceptance
  • Being exquisitely present to the moment
  • Choosing to accept things are they are in spite of the mind wanting things to be different.

Breath Goals in Fluid Strength

  • Awakening and vitalizing the breath
  • Melding breath and body to cultivate functional strength
  • Using breath to stimulate life energy (prana)
  • Establishing a healthy inhale/exhale dynamic

"In Fluid Strength comes deep calm and joy at simply being in a living body and part of the flow of life."     Jean  (psychologist)

"When I watch Faye doing the spinal flip there is something essential about it – like reinvigorating the life force. I love the rhythmic emphasis of the work. It feels natural to me as a human being and as a dancer."      Becky (Dancer/Dance Educator)