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A Fluid Strength Story

lotus-600“When I first began taking Faye's fluid strength class my mom had just passed away after a long, hard illness and my taking care of her during this time left me entirely depleted. I felt like I was on the precipice of being an "old lady" with little or no energy and lots of physical aches, pains, and imbalances. Four years later, I feel amazingly younger; I am physically stronger and more vital. I no longer feel fearful about my perception of failing health, instead I am comfortable touching difficult parts of my life and body with awareness, because I know if I recognize painful places, I can begin to heal them. Although Faye has guided me to impressive and measurable physical gains (less medication, less pain, greater lung capacity) what has been most transformative for me is the peace in the work and the "biological optimism" that Faye emanates.”     Lynn  (Retired school psychologist)